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2 more days


Spring break! I’m in dire need of it. Anatomy and chemistry have worn me out forreal. After spring break, I only have about 3 weeks after that! Heck yes.



I’ve been getting apps for my iPhone left and write! I got this wordpress one, a twitter app (I shall try it out, I heard it’s addicting…yikes), and a task manager one. This task manager app will definitely keep me on track! There are little notifications showing how much you need to do. Looking at the number notification bugs so that might motivate me to do my work! Haha… I may start updating this more thanks to this app.



Anatomy and Chem are kicking me in the ass…BIG TIME! Constant studying, sleepless nights, no time for friends, and always end the day close to tears. I want want want this so bad. I’m not doing horrible, I’m actually passing, but I wanna do better. I don’t study for 8+ hours for a C. It isn’t worth it. I want at least a B. I am going to get my damn B at the end.


On a higher note, I’ve been taking TM workshops for awhile. During first semester I was so antsy to go to a dance class, not including debut practices. So maybe during college I’ll just dance hip-hop. I’m mad excited for summer, well just the second half. I’m doing TM’s Summer Intensive. Sounds intense yeah? haha. Hopefully I’ll get better and be ready to try out for a team. Maybe I can’t because of school, but I will for sure keep going to workshops.  It’s kinda nice to be dancing something other than polynesian. Don’t get me wrong, Polynesian dancing is still my passion and love, but hip hop is something new and different. Also, it helps me clear my mind from all the crap going on.

Usually I dread going back to school after break, but now I’m itching to get back. I feel so useless at home! I’m nervous/scared/excited/anxious for this next semester. It’s gonna be crazy! Chemistry and Anatomy plus labs plus other classes?!?! That equals no sleep and study study study! I’m determined though! I’m not gonna let anything stand in my way. I have to work ten times harder than before. I’m scared, but I know I can own up this semester.

Winter break


Winter break has been so chill! I sleep super late and wake up late. I’m definitely screwed when school comes rolling around. HAHA 


So I’m watching, The City and it feels like the Hills, but I like this show better?

Oh, and BROMANCE? “Wtfuhhhh” is all I have to say





Last night we had our traditional secret santa at BJ’s. What a night indeed. Our end talking about scary stories and freaking ourselves out. Trading gifts were more entertaining this year. We hung out inside and talked then moved to the waiting area and talked and then moved outside to talk. It was freezing, but we enjoyed each other’s company. I love my Imua fam.